Weekly Group Skills Lessons

  • Our weekly group lessons consist of the following:

    • Improvisations, characterizations and impersonations

    • Voice work – articulation and projection

    • Theatre Sports – improvisational games

    • Stanislavski Method Acting

    • Public Speaking

    • Scripted work

    • Storytelling

    • Preparation for performances / auditions / speeches / competitions

    • Stagecraft

    • Directing

    • Performance technique.

  • All Upstage students must attend one group lesson per week. 

  • These lessons run throughout the year as the studio only closes for December.

  • Parents are not permitted to watch group lessons as this inhibits the students in their creative process, but feedback will be provided during the year.


Competition work

  • We as a studio focus on competition work and participate in the following:

  1. South African Championships of Performing Arts.

  2. National Eisteddfod

  • Upstage students are encouraged to enter both competitions per year, but are required to enter at least one as we believe this to be the most beneficial way in which to develop their talents in the arts.

  • A student can be as involved and progress as far as they (and their parents) want to, regardless of their age. 

  • Competition training takes place on Monday afternoons, Friday afternoons and Saturdays between 08h00 and 15h00 at the Junxion Centre. Students can choose what days and times suit them.  All students receive a homework note at each session.

What We Offer

Why do we do competitions instead of exams?

In my experience, the benefit of drama, vocal and modeling performances far outweighs the benefit of exams. (This is not always the case in performing arts, sometimes in dance and instruments examinations can be very effective and essential.)

Our children are continually assessed in the school system, and the experience of performance and having people applaud them and recognize their talent is far more enjoyable than a closed room examination.

The TV and film industry as well as contemporary music industry, do not require formal examinations for their success. 

In addition, our children are entering a very competitive world when they complete their schooling, and even more so, a competitive industry if they choose the arts. Students who have developed a competitive spirit and the ability to perform under pressure, stand a far better chance of success in both the industry and the world at large.


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