Who We Are

Upstage Concepts is a contemporary Acting and Performance Coaching studio, with a focus on building confidence and creativity through performance and competitions.

We have several divisions and encourage our students to participate in all we offer.


As the principle coach, I ensure I stay abreast of cutting edge training and developments in the acting and performance industry. Highlights of my training include Trinity College of London, Baxter Theatre Programme, Todd Farley International Mime Academy and Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company. I am assisted by Donnaley, who is constantly updating her skill-set and expertise.

I have 24 years experience coaching children in acting and performing arts. I started Upstage in 2006, because I am passionate about drama and passionate about children.  I believe my calling is to work with children to build their confidence and develop their God-given talents in acting and performance.

Upstage is a member of the South African Association of Talent, Modeling and Entertainment (SAATME).

Upstage has seen great success in the competitive arena, achieving a long list of prestigious awards.


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